Plan To Action

 Coming Soon To A City Near You ---      
Las Vegas - Ohio - Virginia - Florida  - Texas -  Illinois - Michigan -  New Mexico - New York & More!
UTILIZE YOUR United States Bill Of Rights: First Amendment RIGHTS
"Freedom Of Speech, Press, & Peaceably To Assemble"
Petland Las Vegas "Franchisee" of Petland Inc. "Franchisor"

Knowningly & Unethically      SOLD Me A VERY  SICK Puppy :(

Many Open Issues/Damages As Of November 17th, 2018

Do You "REALLY" Want To Buy From Them?

   I WOULD NOT(NEVER) !         

This Biillboard Going Mobile

This Biillboard Going Mobile

Stronger Ever Hour USA  -  Worldwide

Together We Save Lives and Fight For Those Who Can't Fight For Themselves!

"Animals, Puppies, & Humanity"

My / Our Storyies Will Be Told Across The World

Build The Army - Win The War

Our 18 Point System To Protect

Against All Evil Doers ? Bad Pet Retailers - Animal Abusers - Puppy Mills & Bullies ?

HELP Create A Full No Kill Zone Nation !

( Stop Euthanizing Our Puppies, Dogs & Cats )


Find Justice For Puppies Worldwide Also @ "Friend Us"

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  • Meetup "Local - Nationally" Soon "Tell Your Story" - Training -
    Puppy Advocate Guest Speakers
  • Justice For Puppies Worldwide "JFPW" On Youtube!

Advanced Plan To Action;

  • BillBoards  "Many Types"
  • Local / National TV- Cable News
  • Local / National TV- Cable "Talk Shows"
  • Print Media
  • Group Sessions With Puppy Advocates / Organizations "Local & National - Training - TEll Your Story"  
  • Pet Advocates - Board Of Director Seats "Major Organizations"
  • Puppy - Congressional Positioning "Local, State, Federal"
  • All facets / levels of Organizational expansion of the JFPW Infrastructure!                                                                         M uch More To Come  "We Have Just Begun"

J.F.P.W. Service / Therapy Dogs National Training Centers

Coming In Spring of 2020!

Justice For All  - The People - The Puppies - The Heroes
FOR - Their Rights, Security, Safety, & Health Of The Puppies & Humanity