• Advocate To Shut Down Pet Retailers Who Sell Sick Puppies!
  • Advocate For America Against/Shut Down Puppy Mills & Dog Fight Clubs!
  • Advocate Against Animal Abuse & Bullies!
  • Advocate For All The Animals, Puppies,  & Dogs!
  • Information Portal "Animals, Puppy Owners & Humanity"!
  • Educator!
  • Animal & Puppy Health Portal!
  • Advocate For Support Of Service Dogs, Police Dogs & Military Dogs!
  • Advocate For Shelter, Pet Rescues & Adoption!

Communicate, Inform! Educate! Donate!

Shut Down Bad Pet Retailers, Animal Fight Clubs, Puppy Mills, Bullies, & Animal Abuse!

Total Support Of The "No Kill Zone"!

Shelters! Pet Rescues! Adoption! Humane Society! ASPCS! Support 

Puppy Health Info Portal!

Humanity, Animals, Puppies Info Portal "Security, Safety, Health, Leadership, Laws & Quotes!

J.F.P.W. Service / Therapy Dogs National Training Center! Opening Fall 2018!

  • Advocate For The Humane Society's Organizations!
  • Advocate For First Responders!
  • Advocate For All Branches Of The United States Military "Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard" & Our Veterans  "Our Heroes"!
  • Advocate for PTSD Organizations Supporting America & The People!
  • Advocate for Service Dogs & Therapy Dogs For Veterans, The Sick, The Elderly, Rehabs "Drugs - Alcohol, Suicide Victims, Natural Disasters, Man Made Disasters  & PTSD"  & Advancing Into As A Trainer Organization / Supplier of Service  Dogs & Therapy Dogs! 

The Mission! Worldwide Humanity & The Animals!

J.F.P.W. "Our" Mission Is A Story!

The Animals Are Gods Creatures!

Humanity Is The Resolve To The Mission!

Please Help Save The Homeless! When We Together Do Our Part, Many Of My Animal, Puppy & Human Friends Will Live A Wonderful Life!

On Planet Earth As God Desires!

We J.F.P.W. Justice For Puppies Worldwide Fights For The Puppies, Animals, & Humanity Every Day Who Can't Fight & WIN For Themselves!  Puppy Power At Work!

Military, Veteran, Police. & 1st Responders Support!